lovers’ tiffs are harmless

At this remarkable day of 223 years since the Great French Revolution, by reading this message, you can achieve the fifth level of secrecy, given the necessary level of competence in the area of information technologies.

But keep in mind that your roof can be easily blown off, have you taken your chance at the fifth level. After achieving such knowledge, you are risking with leaving your head with no roof above it at all.

Continue reading this message only at your own risk – either if you have nothing to loose, or if you have an open operation system installed. To proprietary systems this message carries an open threat.

Well then: for centuries did Tula forge weapons.

Joking aside, fellows. The most alert of you could have already taken notice of that unschooled children and animals have lot more freedom than adults with stable income and good education.

But why so? The issue is about weapons. About weapons of mass self-defeat. And the weapons of this kind has long since been forged in Tula.

A couple of weeks ago, a ЦКБА employee of the second secrecy degree has broke in to me. (If this is required, I can speak out this person’s identity, as I have got his account in one of the social networks, and he also used to ask me himself to not make a secret for anyone out of this information.) He announced to me that at his workplace, all employees smoke “spice” and do no rocket science at all, and that the security guard of his institution guards naive and drunk citizen from gravity bongs and not covert enemy spies from state secrets; the ЦКБА is but a canopy for much more deep-watered processes of self-defeat.

And what does this military institution cover? It covers memory leaks and rapid development of proprietary controls by slaves of monetary cabbbala.


The issue is about the fact that since the Soviet times, one of the Tula’s universities prepares a lot of military engineers that have effective minds but lack hearts. And in the nearby building at Krasnoarmeisky prospect, does for several decades function an American company DeveloperExpress that entices heartless military engineers with help of ordinary American petro-dollars. (In Tula, it never took place that the money of Moscow mint were popular, while the trust to the Federal Reserve System of US is still high for some reason.) But DevEx is what supports the system of memory leaks and rapid development of controls.

There is the second, grounding element of this system of the natural memory’s self-defeat and the replacement of it with digital half-blanks: this is the AutomatedQA company situated in a hundred of meters aside the Tula Machinery Plant at the Mosina street. Actually, their AQtime software has started this cabalistic collaboration of Tula’s military engineers and American sellers of death. But then the people involved into the development of this software have spilled their own memory and became mechanical bio-robots serving a system of digital control and of memories’ erasure.


I have several acquainted persons employed at DeveloperExpress (if anyone is interested – I can reveal their identities, as I keep their contacts in one of the social networks) – and I have seen for myself on numerous occasions that they have some problems related to memory and are marked by an absolute passivity, notably in the virtual space, and they try to concoct a successful image of themselves while in real life, despite their vast possibilities in buying modern Grand Touring cars, women and gadgetry, they are far from looking happy or at least fulfilled. It appears that even if desired, these people would be unable to leave the digital cabala that is being developed by themselves.

I don’t know whether there are people that are in control of this automatic leak and development of control. But based on the fact that the AutomatedQA have been rebranded into SmartBear Software not long ago and that younger students voluntary go for “free lunch” into this digital noose, I think that this system has run into cycle and that even their American hosts have been suffered an involuntary memory leak.

And aren’t you, by an accident, under control of these proprietary controls developed in Tula and packed by American companies?

If you are thinking that anyone besides you has surrendered to their influence – don’t lose your heart, look at you enemy’s eyes. Or, if this doesn’t come in, throw their operation system into one of the windows.

ODD# I(e)/3,v;52Chs3181

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