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what needs to be done to have yasnaya polyana expanded to all dry land territories

It’s known that Tula is the Shit of Russia. However, but what really matters here is not the gingerbreads, the samovars nor the rifles. It’s the forest abatises that matter:

An abatis line (abatis border, zaseka, zasechnaya liniya, ukrainnaya line) is defense structures arrangement that was used in Rus since XIII century; it got especially elaborated in XVI – XVII centuries at the south borders of the Russian Kingdom to establish protection against Mongol-Tatar and Crimean forces, and also to serve as a support for attacking the adversary (see the Russo-Crimean Wars)[1]

Here i won’t explain the interconnections between biological memory and the tree of life nor the significance of the natural forest (in contrast to concrete jungles) for domesticated primates’ survival, i’ll only tell that where a forest used to be and now there is a steppe there the wind is roaming not only in the fields, but also the inhabitants are scatterbrains. Therefore, in order to turn Tula region into a launching ground for another Ukraine it’s enough to stand back and change nothing, and first of all:

1) To let the high-ranking bush-hiding human males keep legal and illegal hunting of wildlife that involves firing the rifles they bought for the money or gifted as trophies for their thievery.

2) To keep letting legal and illegal forest felling, like this solid felling coupe in Tula abatis, Venyov district:

It’s enough to simply leave the current forestry code unchanged. After all, it was developed and lobbied for to replace the old soviet one (that was designed to look after forests and plant new ones) for the sake of free market realities (one designed to ensure effective economic consumption of forest reserves.