Modern English uses word “science” in three different “scientific areas”, or “scientific disciplines”:

Natural science (from Latin “Naturalis scientia”,  which in Modern Greek “Φυσικές επιστήμες” or “φυσιογνωσία” – “physikes epistimes” or “physiognosia”) – natural sciences, uses scientific method in the cognition process (physics, chemistry, geology, biology, anatomy, etc)

Formal science (Greek “Τυπική γλώσσα” – “Typiki glossa” means typical language) – i would say it like a scientific instruments, systems of interpretation, but, literally, is language tools concerned with characterizing abstract structures described by sign systems, or more specifically: it is formal language, which consists of words whose letters are taken from an alphabet and are well-formed according to a specific set of rules (mathematics, statistics, cybernetics – the most popular examples)

Social science (Greek “Κοινωνικές επιστήμες” – “Canonikes epistimes”) – is a category of academic disciplines, that are not guided by the scientific method, but actively use formal sciences to substantiate the advantages of various schools of these disciplines, i would say that these are group interpretations, авторитеты (law, economics, psychology , philology, rhetoric, sociology, history, political science, pedagogy, cultural studies, anthropology)

As can be seen, Greek academic terminology is more concrete, and therefore more effective when used in the process of knowledge, but less effective when used in socio-canonical management. Probably, the initial reason for such a substitution is the identification of human laws with the laws of physics.

Before world wars, these academic disciplines in English were called Liberal arts.

If someone tries to impose his interpretation on you, relying on the authority of one or a group of these academic disciplines (neglecting the obligatory use of the scientific method) and at the same time actively daemonizing your personal interpretation, then this is most likely a banal manipulation. In this case, most often the socialscience agents themselves do this sincerely, guided by good intentions, simply by carrying out a missionary recruitment program in favor of their авторитеты.

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