what do people use pet animals for

Living in the conditions between staircases is unnatural. Unnatural lifestyle kills. But there’s always a way to live at someone else’s expense. If parents cannot live at their children’s then they can always get a pet animal.

While those domesticated apes (calling themselves humans) who live in countryside have a life power inter-exchange with other species (with cows or sheep, for example), urbanized apes have much more severe circumstances.

Urbanized apes (calling themselves citizens) keep domestic pets (cats and dogs, for example) not for exchanging services (that is, mouse hunting/territory guarding in exchange for food), but for energy leeching.

From love to hate, there is only one step. Exactly for this reason the cruelest among urbanized apes love their domestic pets very much. They literally suck life out of their pets. The pets realize everything, but they are driven into a corner. Often they are castrated to deprive them of the will to live.

But, as a rule, before spring comes, when the leeching owners aren’t ready for that, some pets manage to escape the emotional snare and staircases. Yet, in order to learn sucking life energy from another specie one needs time and preparations, and that’s why owners try to get their habitual life donors back in any possible way.

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Question: How else people called the life energy?

Answer: qi (China), prana (indian philosophers), thulema (Hermes Trismegistus, about 800 yold), vis medicatrix naturae (Hippocrates, about 800 yold), facultas formatrix (Galen, about 1350 yold), baraka (sufis, about 1750 yold), mumia (Paracelsus, about 2700 yold), animal magnetism (Mesmer, 2941 yold), bioelectricity (Galvani, 2956 yold), gestaltung (Goethe, 2966 yold), Odd force (Reichenbach, 3011 yold), vril (Bulwer-Lytton, 3037 yold), etheric formative forces (Steiner, 3066 yold), √Član vital (Bergson, 3086 yold), mitogenetic rays (Gurwitsch, 3103 yold), orgone (Reich, 3106 yold), bioplasma (Grischenko, 3110 yold), cool vibration (unknown hippie, about 3128 yold), inergy (Puharich, 3139 yold), Force (George Lucas, 3143 yold).

(pages 294-295, appendix 5 to “The masks of illuminates” Russian print, Janus Books, Yold 3168)

ODD# V(a)/2,iv;49Chs3181

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